Over the years, we have collected many useful tips & tricks from our own experiences and discussions with consumers and are providing them to you here. If you should nevertheless have questions or suggestions that you cannot find any information on here, please feel fee to contact us at any time via chat, e-mail or telephone – we will be pleased to help you further.

How do I protect myself from ticks?
  • Application of an effective Tick repellent (e.g. HEROPIC NATURE Tick repellent)
  • Solid shoes and body-covering, fitting clothes.
  • Avoid bushes, high gras and shrubs
  • Systematically search your body for ticks after a stay outdoors.
Why must a tick be removed as early as possible?

The ticks are to be removed as early as possible as they can transmit diseases. The most important ones are the pathogens of lyme disease (bacteria) and tick-borne encephalitis (viruses).

  • The longer the suction lasts, the more likely is a transmission of pathogens.
  • On average, an infection with Lyme disease bacteria takes 12-24 hours.
  • The transmission of TBE viruses, however, begins immediately after the tick bite.
How do I remove a tick?

The tick should be removed as soon as possible with a tick card or with a thin pair of tweezers directly over the skin and with a continuous pull. Do not crush the tick while pulling it out! For more detailed information you can follow this link.

Can I use HEROPIC STRONG if I got sunburnt?

No, as sun burned skin must heal first before cosmetic products are applied to the skin. In this case we recommend to protect the damaged skin with clothes.

Is HEROPIC suitable for kids?
How do I use HEROPIC Mosquito or Tick repellent correctly?
  • As the insects can detect even the smallest untreated skin area, always apply HEROPIC mosquito or tick repellent evenly and completely according to the instructions for use
  • Always apply HEROPIC mosquito or tick repellent as the last step, after the sun cream and cosmetics. It is recommended to use the product under thinner clothes, as mosquitoes can bite through thin fabrics